The Epic Bootcamp is a course to help you tell bigger and better stories. Like Virgil once guided Dante through the circles of Hell, Joseph Sale will be your guide through the pitfalls of storytelling on a grand scale. With over 20+ books published (fiction under his name, and many ghost-written books), and years of academic and editing experience, you could wish for no better guide. He will teach you how to create epic protagonists your audience root for, how to scale-up your stories and add depth to them, how to create visions of hell and lead your hero through them, and most importantly: how to end your stories in a way that will haunt your readers forever. During this course , you will learn about epic literature, and how to apply the tried and tested techniques of great masters to your own work. Each module not only features Joseph's pre-scripted content, but also an "in conversation" interview with an expert: from indie film directors to published authors to celebrated poets, to give you a broader and more multifaceted insight into the heart of telling epic stories.

On this course, you will get:

  • Access to 4+ hours of pre-scripted audio modules taking you through the history of epic and how to write your own.

  • Access to 6+ hours of "in conversation" interviews with top storytellers, from indie film-makers to celebrated poets to novelists and authors. Their insight will help you harness your own storytelling power.

  • 20 practical exercises that will help you refine your writing, both at a structural / holistic level, and at a line-by-line level.

  • Templates for the Seven Characteristics of an Epic Hero, the 6 Elements of Epic story, the 5-Act Structure, and more.

  • A digital copy of Nekyia, Joseph Sale's 700 page horror-epic anthology.

  • A recommended reading & watching list to inspire you with epic narratives both modern and classic.

Hi, my name is Joseph Sale. Don't be afraid. Come closer! We mindflayers are really very friendly. I'll be showing you how to create epic stories, using the epics of the past (and present) as a guide.

This course is for anyone who wants to dream big. For anyone who is dissatisfied with either the current state of storytelling in general, or the state of their own storytelling, and wants to take it to the next level. It is appropriate both for writers with already-complete works they're looking to fine tune, as well as for writers about to embark on their first draft.

The principles I will teach here work for novels, screenplays, graphic novels, comics, animations, whatever medium you're working in.

The aim of this course is to transform you as a storyteller; to give you the necessary tools to confidently go forward and tell stories at a whole new level, stories that shake, break, and reform their readers. Are you ready to become an epic author? Join me!

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